The idea of creating a collection of wallcoverings has been a long standing dream of Irwin’s. Impressed by the haberdashery of the leading men of black and white coupled with the shadowy stage settings of Film Noir, Irwin took the initiative to create a capsule collection of prints with a fresh and modern twist.

 The absence of color emboldens the patterns seen in the neckties worn in conjunction with pinstripe and tweed suits.  Those small yet important elements are what Irwin extracted and has translated them for use in contemporary settings.

 The first collection contains eight patterns and is aptly named SYNDICATE. Leading men and gangsters, both real and portrayed on film wore flashy clothes, the tie being a signature statement piece reflective of their strong personalities. 

 In keeping with his commitment to fabricate in the United States, the wallcoverings are proudly printed locally using eco friendly papers and inks and initially offered on three types of stock: Standard white clay coated, pearlescent coated in white and gold leaf. 

 Custom colors and collaborations are welcome.